Best Small Inverter Generator: Earthquake IG800W

Earthquake IG800W (Model #11613) Portable 800W Inverter Generator ReviewThe Earthquake IG800W (Model #11613) Portable 800W Inverter Generator may be the best-value small camping/home power generator you can buy right now. In addition, it produces precisely the kind of clean, pure sine wave power that is perfect for those recreating or working with sensitive computer and other audio/visual equipment.

Nevertheless, the IG800W has some important limitations that any prospective purchaser should be aware of before buying. In this review, we take an in-depth look at what this little inverter can do, and precisely why it has earned the coveted best-seller position at in nearly record time.

Engine Displacement & Power Output

The Earthquake IG800W is equipped with an impressive 40cc Viper® 4-cycle OHV gas engine. This is a very snappy little power plant that, despite its ultra light weight, can still manage to generate a total of 800 surge watts and 700 running watts. Notably, this unit generates very “clean” electricity; it produces a relatively “pure” sine waveform output that is much friendlier and safer for use with modern electronic equipment compared to conventional gas generators.

So what can you power with this little generator?

The Earthquake IG800W is perfect for powering computers, laptops, tablets, phones and smart devices.Among other things, 700 running watts should be sufficient to power all sorts of computer, smartphone, tablet stereo and other audio visual equipment (and their chargers), including even larger electric devices, such as big flat screen TVs. Likewise, the Earthquake should easily be able to handle (not necessarily at the same time) several energy efficient flood lights, box fans, and some low-draw home appliances, like a crock-pot, electric knife, electric blanket, a dorm/compact fridge and a small coffee maker. To get a better idea of what you likely can – and cannot – power with this generator, check out our easy to use generator sizing calculator.

Runtime & Fuel Efficiency

Having a good runtime is critical to maintaining a convenient user experience. After all, there’s little point to having portable power if the unit constantly needs refilling. Fortunately, the IG800W is very easy on fuel.

Indeed, despite being equipped with a tiny 0.6 gallon gas tank, this model can run for roughly 8 hours on a full tank when operated at 25% of maximum load. To put this in perspective – this permits up to 14 hours of continuous operation per gallon of gasoline! This great runtime and fuel efficiency makes this inverter a good choice for people who want to power some of their most critical tech devices, but also want to get some peace (or sleep) between tank refills.

Start Type

The IG800W's power panel comes with a 120V AC and 12 DV charging receptacle.The IG800W uses a hand (manual recoil) start, which is just about the only type you’d expect on such a tiny inverter. Given the small engine mass, pulling requires next to no effort. Further, users confirm that the IG800W cranks up easily, typically on the first or second pull.

Power Panel Configuration

For an inexpensive little inverter, the power panel is surprisingly complete. It includes a single 120 volt AC outlet, a 12 volt DC (charging) receptacle, a reset circuit breaker, an economy mode switch, overload indicator light and a low-oil alert.

Noise Levels

Inverter generators are not only popular for providing “clean” electricity, but also for generating less noise relative to traditional generators. And on this score, the Earthquake IG800W again does not disappoint. Of course, while it is not quiet as subdued as comparable Honda or Yamaha inverters, with a noise rating of just 58 db, this inverter makes very little noise. It’s really a soft hum, if anything. To give you some additional perspective, consider that most portable air conditioners produce around 58 db of sound – and many people can sleep right next to them!

At just 21 pounds, the IG800W is the ultimate camping/travel inverter generator!Size & Portability

Perhaps one of the best things about the IG800W is that it has a very small and lightweight design to match its diminutive price tag. Specifically, this little dynamo occupies a space of only 15.6″ by 8.2″ by 14″  inches and clocks in at just 21 pounds. As a result, you can easily carry or even travel with this little generator. In fact, it is in part due to this remarkable compact size and light weight that this has become our best-value camping inverter generator pick for 2014.

User Reviews & Ratings

The IG800W has shot up in popularity recently and is currently sitting as a best-seller on As you can see for yourself below in the many 5-star actual reviews, users praise this inverter for delivering outstanding performance, efficiency and quiet operation for such an affordable little generator:

Price and Value

At the time of this writing, the Earthquake IG800W can be had for approximately $260 shipped. This is a truly phenomenal, nay – almost unbelievable – price for such a versatile and well-equipped small inverter generator. Again, this is yet another reason why we’ve picked this as the best-value small inverter for this year.

The Earthquake IG800W - a 2014 best-value pick small portable inverter generator.Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

Simply put, whether you simply want to power a few critical creature comforts at home, campground or remote job site, we can think of no better small inverter generator for the money.

Sure, if you can afford the Yamaha EF1000iS, we suggest you go for it (you won’t be disappointed). However, for someone looking for something more budget-friendly that provides enough power to keep them web-connected and perhaps power a few small appliances, then you just can’t beat the bang for your buck you get with the Earthquake IG800W Portable Inverter Generator.



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  1. I just sold my old Honda EX650 which produces less power, weighs over twice what this unit weighs. Paired with my Yamaha EF2000iS I can now rest easy having one for home and one for emergencies. Thanks for providing a great site as well.

  2. Mike says:

    Will this work well for a travel trailer as well. I take 1-2 trips every month with my family. Just want to know if it could be utilised for the purpose.

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