Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ Review

Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ ReviewInverter generators have been getting more affordable, which is great news for the many that would like to take advantage of their clean energy and low-noise operation. One model that has been receiving a lot of attention lately for providing seemingly incredible value without sacrificing quality is the Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ portable inverter generator – the new version of the very successful AP-2000i.

Many have compared the 2000iQ to the much more expensive Honda EU2000i – but is this really fair? And what’s the big sacrifice for all of this value, if any? Please read along as we take a closer look at the 2000iQ to get to the bottom of the hype and determine whether this model’s popularity is deserved.

Engine Displacement & Power Output

The AP-2000iQ is powered by the same very high-quality 79cc Yamaha MZ80 engine used in the AP-2000i. This engine is very fuel efficient, quiet and – most importantly – produces lots of power for its compact size and light weight, and this is precisely why Yamaha uses it in their own wildly successful EF2000iS.

The AP-2000iQ delivers a total of 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts, and can be run in parallel easily with another model for even more electricity if needed. One of these inverters is enough power for typical home/recreational use, and the pure sine wave output is ideal for powering sensitive electronic equipment.

Runtime & Fuel Type

The small 1.1 gallon fuel tank (unleaded fuel only) will get you very far and, remarkably, allows the unit to run for approximately 8.2 hours when operated at 50% of maximum load. In addition, users running the unit much harder than this still report getting nearly the same runtime (~7 hours). This is fantastic for such a little inverter, making the AP-2000iQ a true gas “sipper.”

Start Type

We didn’t expect an electric start on a generator of this size, and there isn’t one. This inverter is equipped with a manual pull (recoil) starting mechanism, which happens to be extremely easy to use. This is definitely not a genset that you will have to break a sweat starting up, and users confirm that even kids can easily crank the AP-2000iQ up.

Power Panel & Outlets

The power panel also does not disappoint, and features a 120V duplex (#5-20R) receptacle and one 12V outlet for battery charging. Notably, this model also allows for easy parallel connection so you can double your running wattage if desired. Please note that you cannot connect the AP-2000iQ to other brands of inverters.

Noise Level

The Yamaha engine in the AP-2000iQ really purrs, producing a rated noise level of only 51 db. This is outstanding, whisper-quiet in fact. Consequently, this makes it a perfect option for recreational use in cozy campground situations or anywhere else silence is golden.

Size & Portability

Yet another benefit of this little inverter is its compact size and light weight. Again, thanks to the highly-efficient Yamaha powerplant, this little gennie runs only 44 pounds and measures 19.75” long, 11.25″ wide and 18.25″ high. This equates to a space of only 2.2 cubic feet! As such, it is easy to pick up and to move around, and can be stored just about anywhere.

Warranty Information

In case you are already fearing that this generator can’t be for real, rest assured that it carries a very good 3-year warranty. Evidently, Smarter Tools is confident that you will not have many, if any, operational issues with the AP-2000iQ.

Price and Value

While the AP-2000iQ resembles the Honda EU2000i in terms of functionality and performance, the same cannot be said for price. Indeed, at its current selling price of around $700, the AP-2000iQ is a veritable steal compared to the Honda, and is several hundred dollars less than the Yamaha EF2000iS, which uses the very same engine. Of course, there are still cheaper 2000 watt inverter generators out there, but we can think of none that are as quiet, compact and as well made for the same price.

User Reviews & Ratings

As a relatively new successor to the AP-2000i, there are only a handful of reviews to date on amazon, but they are nearly all five star. In short, users love the efficiency, performance and the extreme value of this inverter. But don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews for yourself.

Additional Features

  • EPA and CARB approval for use in all 50 states;
  • Advanced sound dampening system;
  • USFS-approved spark arrestor;
  • Thermal overload protection;
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve for extra engine life/durability;
  • Low oil shutoff.

Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

While it’s performance and quality for the price may seem hard to believe, the Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ portable inverter generator is definitely for real. This little inverter looks like a Honda EU2000i, runs like one, and sounds like one, but comes at just a fraction of the cost. Indeed, the same can be said for the more expensive Yamaha EF2000iS too, with which it shares the same power plant.

In addition, to the extent you find yourself needing more power, the AP-2000iQ makes a parallel arrangement easy. This is a great feature for those looking to eventually add on to their creature comforts when recreating or supporting tools at a remote job site. Yet, whatever you need the AP-2000iQ for, it is clear that you should enjoy premium performance and great durability, at a fantastically low price.



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  1. Robert says:

    Can this unit be parallel ported to the yamaha EF 2000iS? I already have the Yamaha EF 2000iS and I am interested in buying the AP-2000iQ if it can be parallel ported to my EF 2000iS.

  2. Donald Hicks says:

    what is the spark plug size for the 2000 series.

  3. Robert says:

    Can operate in parallel with another AP-2000iQ for 3000 sustained watts

  4. Beth Plagmann says:

    We have one smart tool 2000 iq, now we would like to purchase another 2000 generator that’s compatible with this one. What will work with this one? Also where do you get the cords to connect the two? Please give us some advise.

  5. Gayle Paperno says:

    i cannot find the parrallel cables anywhere. Can it us a different parralel cable system?

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