Champion Power Equipment No.75531i Review

Champion Power Equipment No.75531i ReviewIf you are looking for an inverter that provides a ton of value and is much more affordable than the Honda and Yamaha models, we suggest you consider the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i Portable Inverter Generator.

This inverter has been getting stellar reviews and seems to be delivering as advertised, but what else should you know about it before seriously considering a purchase?

Please read on as we take an in-depth look at the 75531i so you can determine for yourself whether it lives up to its reputation.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The tough, 171 cc Champion overhead valve engine at the heart of the 75531i is both reliable and powerful, producing a total of 3100 surge watts and 2800 running watts. With this kind of power, you can run a variety of rather large appliances at home, when recreating or on the job. For example, this model is sufficient to start up large power tools and even the power-hungriest appliances, including a 13,500 BTU air conditioner – making this an excellent choice for RV use as well. In addition, power output is metered by an automatic idle feature, which revs engine RPM up or down as needed to satisfy electrical load.

Of course, as with inverters generally, the energy produced by this model is very “clean,” due to a computer-optimized wave form that produces reliable, stable current needed by most sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and audio/video components.

Runtime & Fuel Type

Fuel efficiency is very good, and the small 1.6 gallon fuel tank can run the unit for 8 hours when used at 1/4 of maximum load. This model runs on unleaded gasoline.

Start Type

The Champion Power Equipment No.75531i, like most other mid-sized inverters in its class, uses a manual recoil pull-start. However, as users confirm below, it seems to crank up very reliably within a couple pulls, so your arm is not left aching!

Champion Power Equipment No.75531i - Full power panel with RV hookup.Power Panel & Outlets

All the standard home/recreational outlets are present here, including (2) 120 Volt AC, 20 Amp Duplex (NEMA 5-20R) outlets, (1) 120 Volt AC, 30 Amp Receptacle (NEMA TT-30R) and (1) 12V DC outlet.

The panel also features a handy push-button circuit breaker, an oil warning light and an overload indicator light.

Noise Level

With a noise rating of just 58 dBA at 23 feet, this is a relatively quiet-running generator, even by inverters standards. However, users indicate that the noise level jumps up considerably when this model is pushed towards maximum load. So, while this is fairly quiet inverter, it is still a bit louder than comparable Yamaha or Honda models.

Champion Power Equipment No.75531i - built in wheel kit with handle.Size & Portability

The Champion Power Equipment No.75531i is very powerful – much more so than its small footprint would indicate. This unit measures only 24.4 inches long, by 14.3 inches wide, by 18.3 inches high. Likewise, it’s also not too heavy for a 3000+ watt inverter, weighing in at just about 84 pounds (net weight), making it fairly easy to move around. It comes with a built-in wheel kit for added convenience.

Product Warranty

This model is covered by a comparatively good 2-year manufacturer’s (limited) warranty.

Additional Features

  • CARB & EPA approved for use in all 50 states;
  • Low-oil shut off;
  • Automatic idle control matches engine speed to load;
  • Overload protection;
  • Economy mode for enhanced fuel efficiency;
  • Comes with 12V DC charging cables;
  • Easy choke adjustment.

Price and Value

Currently selling for about $850 shipped, there’s little debate that the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i is one of the best-value inverters on the market today. Indeed, watt for watt, this is a screaming good deal on an inverter that not only provides lots of juice, but is also very well made. A great, more budget-friendly, alternative to the pricier Yamaha and Honda inverters.

Champion Power Equipment 75531i Reviews & Ratings

Champion Power Equipment No.75531i user reviews and ratings.With an average user satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on amazon, it’s safe to say that people truly love the 75531i. But what exactly are they saying about it?

Users love the great power of this little generator, and users confirm that it has the brawn to turn over AC units as large as 15,000 BTUs and operate sump pumps and other high-draw appliances with relative ease. In addition, they commented on the easy starting and relatively quiet running of this model. Finally, most were surprised at the tremendous value of this genset, which costs about half as a Honda 3000!

The handful of few more negative remarks were aimed primarily at product defects and other isolated issues with the look/feel of some smaller parts. Although, some noted that this model did get a bit louder than the stated 58 dB when under maximum load (such as when starting up an AC unit). However, most felt this was a very quiet running model, especially for the price.

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Overall Pros/Cons


  • Lots of power for large appliances;
  • CARB compliant;
  • Relatively quiet operation;
  • Good runtime and fuel efficiency;
  • Compact footprint;
  • Reliable pull start;
  • Remarkable price for a 3000+ watt inverter.


  • Can be a bit heavy for some users;
  • Not quite the same build quality as a Yamaha or Honda;
  • Will run more loudly under heavy load.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Buy the Champion Power Equipment No.75531i portable inverter generator!The Champion Power Equipment No.75531i inverter generator is an easy 5-star deal in our book. This model brings very big power for an inverter, runs relatively quietly, and is very reliable. It’s also backed by one of the most well-respected manufacturers in terms of quality and customer service. But more than any other, this inverter is all about value, and is watt for watt one of the best buys currently available.

Of course, if you want one of the quietest, lightest and best-made inverters you can buy in this class, by all means go for the Yamaha EF2400iSHC. However, the Yamaha will cost you nearly twice as much, and still doesn’t match the wattage of the 75531i. As a result, bang-for-your-buck wise, the 75531i is extremely hard to beat!

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  1. Jerry says:

    works well no complaints

  2. Robert Fry says:

    purchased the 4375 blackout series. prepped it and it started first pull. a little noisy, can live with that. looking forward to using it this year.

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