DuroStar DS4400EHF Hybrid Review

DuroStar DS4400EHF Hybrid ReviewIf you want the ability to take advantage of the greater shelf-life and cleaner-burning nature of propane, you might consider the DuroStar DS4400EHF Hybrid Portable Dual Fuel Propane / Gas Generator.

This model is just about the right size for backup power and enjoying creature comforts off the grid.

However, that’s not all there is to this genset; please keep reading as we take a closer look at what this model offers so you can determine whether it’s the right one for you.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The DS4400EHF is powered by a 196cc, 7 HP 4-stroke engine that produces upwards of 4,400 surge (max) watts and 3500 running (aka rated) watts.This is a good deal of power if you want a backup generator to power key high-draw appliances, such fridges, sump pumps, AC units and larger power tools. It’s also a nice model for supplying power to an RV or other camping equipment. Check with our generator sizing calculator for more information about what else this model is likely to handle.

Runtime & Fuel Type

The DuroStar DS4400EHF Hybrid can easily be hooked up to run on propane.As a “hybrid” model, the DS4400EHF is designed to run on typical unleaded gasoline or liquid propane. Durostar estimates a 20 hour runtime when used with propane; with gas, you can expect a full tank (4-gallon capacity) to last for 8 hours when the unit is run at half of maximum load.

We cannot overstate the convenience of dual fuel inputs – gas is great because it’s cheap and can be gotten anywhere. However, gas is very volatile, produces more emissions, and can lose combustibility over time. Propane, on the other hand, is a cleaner-burning fuel and can be stored just about indefinitely in a pressurized tank. And since generators must be “on-call” in many cases, sometimes for many months without use, propane is a good fuel source to keep in hand when the need arises.

Start Type

Pull starts are fine, in a pinch, but we like the convenience of electric starts, and the DS4400EHF comes with a great electric key start that makes arm aches a thing of the past. And just in case the electric start doesn’t work, you can always use the backup manual pull-start.

The DuroStar DS4400EHF has a full power panel with a handy volt meter.Power Panel & Outlets

For a very affordable hybrid model, the DuroStar DS4400EHF has a very solid power panel, which has (2) 120V / 20 Amp 3-Prong Outlets and (1)
120V / 240V 30 Amp Twist Lock outlet. Also featured is a 12V DC output and a nice volt meter.

Noise Level

The DS4400EHF is fairly typical when it comes to noise, with a rating of 69 dBA, when measured from a distance of 7 meters. The noise-dampening muffler system does a good job bringing down sound pressure, but when operating under a heavy load you will certainly hear this unit running. Nevertheless, most users will find it tolerable (unless you are trying to have a conversation right next to it while operating!).

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The DuroStar DS4400EHF is fairly average in terms of size and weight.Size & Portability

Also fairly average is this generator’s size; including the wheel kit, it measures 36 inches long, 21 inches wide and 24 inches high. And at 140 pounds (dry), this is not something that you are going to pick up (hopefully), but the included wheel kit and tubular frame makes rolling it around fairly painless.

Additional Features

  • Low-oil auto shutoff (to prevent engine damage);
  • Cast-iron engine cylinder sleeve for power plant longevity;
  • Volt meter;
  • EPA & CARB approved for use in all 50 states;
  • Flexible propane line for easy tank hookup;
  • Noise-dampening exhaust with spark arrestor.

Price and Value

At its current sales price of roughly $600 shipped, this is a very good deal on a hybrid-fuel generator that produces over 4000 watts of power. In addition, this is a particularly fair price when you consider the model is equipped with some premium features, such as the electric start, generous power panel and volt meter.

Overall Pros/Cons


  • Good power generator for backup/recreational use;
  • Full power panel with volt meter;
  • Duel fuel capacity is very convenient;
  • Very affordable for a hybrid;
  • EPA & CARB approval allows sale/use nationwide;
  • Great runtime on propane and gas;
  • Frame and wheel kit included.


  • A bit more expensive than a similar gas-only generator;
  • Typical noise ratings.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Buy the DuroStar DS4400EHF Dual Fule Hybrid portable generator!Although hybrid generators are always a bit more expensive than their gas-only counterparts, the DuroStar DS4400EHF Hybrid Portable Dual Fuel Propane / Gas Generator is one of the least expensive options available – that still delivers good power to power key appliances during an outage or for ample power when recreating or working off the grid.

Indeed, this model is actually quite similar to the slightly more powerful DuroMax XP4850EH, but the DS4400EHF is currently available for about $100 less. As such, it delivers a lot of power and value for the price, even among other value-drive hybrids. In addition, it does not sacrifice the other conveniences most users appreciate – such as the electric key start, volt meter, and coveted CARB approval. All-in-all, we think this is an outstanding option for those seeking the benefits of dual fuel in a generator that still has enough power for both back up power and recreational use.

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