Hyundai HY2000si Review

Hyundai HY2000siInverter generators have surged in popularity for providing very clean and portable power. However, their typically high price tags keep them out of reach for many users. Well, we are glad to report that this is not true for every model.

One inverter generator that is very affordable and provides enough output to function both as an excellent recreational power source and as an emergency power generator is the Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator. To learn more about this inverter generator and what we and other reviewers thing about it, please keep reading.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The Hyundai HY2000si digital inverter is fitted with a 125 cc, 4 Stroke OHV, 1 cylinder engine that generates 3.8 HP and 5500 RPM, and delivers a total of 2,200 surge watts and 2,000 continuous watts.

Unlike some of the very small inverter generators, this is enough power to support quite a bit of electronic equipment, like a desktop computer/monitor and large flatscreen HDTV. And with 2000 running watts, you may even be able to power a few larger appliances, such as, for example, a typical full sized fridge/freezer combo (~ 800 continuous watts) and small space heater (~ 1000 watts) or microwave (~ 1,200) small window AC unit (~ 700 watts). In fact, later below we describe some actual user experiences that demonstrates just how well this inverter can handle some higher-draw appliances – including a 13,500 BTU air conditioner!

As a result, unlike some other inverter generators, the 2000si can function not purely as a camping/boating or RV power source, but also has the capacity (albeit limited) to function as an emergency power source as well.

Runtime & Fuel Type

This model uses unleaded gasoline and can last for approximately 5.5 hours when running at 50% load. Although this is not a particularly exceptional runtime by any means, it’s not bad for an inverter, especially when you consider the size of this model’s engine, good power output and small 7-liter gas tank.

The unit also has an Eco mode that allows engine idle to drop depending on the load, saving even more fuel.

Start Type

This model uses a manual (recoil) starting mechanism. Given the small size of this inverter and its aggressive pricing, we are not surprised electric start was not included. Further, considering the relatively small displacement engine, a pull start is just fine in our opinion, even if you aren’t the brawniest user out there.

HY2000sipanelPanel Outlets

Two 120-Volt AC (16.6A) outlet

One 12-Volt (18.3A) DC outlet (battery charging)

Noise Level

The HY2000si comes in at 65 decibels of sound. This is just above the sound produced during normal conversation. Although this is not what we’d consider particularly quiet for an inverter generator, it’s not loud by any means and far better than most conventional generators. Interestingly, notwithstanding this less than stellar dB spec, as we discuss below, the majority of users report that this model is very quiet, leading us to believe the reported dB may be overstated.

Size & Portability

At roughly 22.6 x 20.7 x 13 inches in size and approximately 71 pounds in weight, the Hyundai 2000si is fairly compact and most users will be able carry the unit for short distances without too much trouble, but it’s right on the edge of true “portability” as we see it.

Therefore, while still highly portable and easy to fit onboard the RV or boat, or in the trunk of most cars, don’t expect to throw this unit around like some of the smaller inverters!

Product Warranty

This product is covered by a 2 year limited warranty, which is pretty standard compared to most portable generators.

Price & Value

The Hyundai 2000si scores really big here. Inverter generators are very pricey compared to conventional generators watt for watt. However, they do vary. In this case the HY2000si delivers approximately 3.3 watts for each dollar spent to buy it – that is very good compared to most inverter generators. In comparison, the Yamaha and Honda inverters typically give you only between 1 and 1.5 watts of electricity per dollar of purchase price! No math breakdown needed there.

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Hyundai HY2000si Reviews & Consumer Ratings

With an average of 4 out of 5 stars based on a current total of 24 user reviews, the HY2000si has proven itself as a reliable inverter that not only performs well, but is reliable and easy to use.

In particular, the vast majority of the reviewers reported satisfaction or sheer amazement at the exceptional value provided by the HY2000si, and several times compared this unit favorably against the much more expensive Yamaha and Honda 2000-watt models.

In addition, many users noted this unit’s outstanding fuel efficiency (especially on Eco Mode) and its capacity to run several appliances simultaneously during long periods; here are few comments on this point:

  • “[the HY200si] Has been running a 42inch Plasma TV, HD DVR/Satellite box, Laptop, Network, vonage phone, dsl modem and refrigerator and used about 1- 1.5 gal of gas in 5 hours It handles a ½ HP sump pump without breaking a sweat.”
  • I can run the sump, freezer and have enough power left over for some lights without triggering an overload. Even tried running a vacuum cleaner (12 amp) at the same time as the sump, and while the overload light flickered at startup, the generator powered both without any problem.”
  • I power two 1.5 cubic foot freezers, one 2.5 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer, one hooded exhaust fan above the grill, floor fan and will run a 1100w microwave on occasion.”

In fact, as the video below this post shows, one youtube reviewer powered a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with this model!!

Likewise, users roundly agreed that the Hyundai ran very quietly; however, some individuals acknowledged that it was not quite as silent as the Honda or Yamaha inverters.

With regard to reliability in particular, it is clear that most purchasers experienced easy start up and reliable performance, with no significant problems. Some people however did comment that it was a bit too heavy for their taste and the spark plug was difficult to change. In addition, there were a few reports of apparent product malfunction.

All in all though, it’s clear that this product has been very well received for its attractive price point, great power generation, fuel efficiency and quiet operation.

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Overall Pros/Cons

Unusual ValueA Bit Heavy
Quiet OperationNot CARB-approved
Very Fuel Efficient
Great Power

Additional Features & Considerations

  • variable idle speed/load matching
  • provides clean power for sensitive electronics
  • comes with circuit breaker protection and overload and low oil alerts
  • has an Economy mode that increases fuel efficiency and runtime
  • comes with vehicle charging cables

Please note that this model is not CARB-approved. Therefore, it’s not available for sale in California.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

418-A5jLntL_004The Hyundai HY2000si provides exceptional value for an inverter generator. Specifically, at 3.3 watts per dollar of purchase price, you are getting more than double the wattage per dollar compared to the 2000-watt Honda and Yamaha models.

Furthermore, there is no real sacrifice here. The HY2000si runs quietly, is fuel efficient, and has a confirmed track record of reliability. As we stated earlier, perhaps the only thing that we could criticize is this model’s somewhat heavier build, which makes it stretch the concept of “portability” to some degree.

But, again, when you compare this model with its much higher-priced rivals, there is really no comparison – if budget is a factor in your purchasing calculation.

Overall, based on its great power, fuel efficiency, solid user reviews and excellent value, we give the HY2000si 5-stars as an usually affordable and capable inverter that is not only perfect for camping/marine purposes, but also to power critical appliances at home when emergency power is needed.

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Still not Impressed? Watch the Hyundai HY2000si fire up a 13,500 BTU air conditioner!

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  1. Trina says:

    Can u parallel 2 generators

  2. Jimmy Tate says:

    I purchased the hyundai 2000 si a couple of months ago. The sound level is great but have had trouble starting once or twice. The pull rope broke and i could not find a warrenty repair shop. The web site is not friendly user so I paid $55 out of pocket for replacing a faulty crank rope. If i had to over i would buy the more expensive honda due to local repair services.

  3. jacques meloche says:

    very good generator i got one but i regret very hard to get parts i live in gatineau canada quebec

  4. Rick Hiebert says:

    this is a good little generator for the summer but this thing is awful to start in winter

  5. I am impressed by the quality of your product, when it takes two Honda to run an RV ac, It only takes one Hyundai to the job, and the accessibility is very impressive. This will be one of the generators i will take into consideration so if you could email me so that i know that i making a good choice. I wanna know if this generator will make my lance 1685 rv’s ac run.

  6. James carney says:

    Bought this generator a yr ago new from Wayfarer , shipped to Fiji to use.20 or so hrs into using it stopped working. Was in touch with Tech Support in Canada , they sent parts they said it needed which was the inverter board plus another part I was told I’d need to pay shipping $220.Had parts put in , generator worked.Second time I used it starter rope broke , took it in for repair,they showed me it was leaking gas. They fixed the problem, Used it yesterday now it won’t start.All up I’ve run it maybe 25hrs.Seems I should have spent the extra money and got the Honda. Very disappointed

  7. John says:

    I have picked up one of the hy2000si from the free pile and I have put fresh gas and cleaned up the carb and jet cleaned up and gapped the plug it will now start but barely chugs I have started the Needle all the way in and backed out half turn at a time with no luck any tips

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