Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Review

Sinemate 1500 Review1Inverter generators are wonderful for delivering clean & stable power without lots of noise, making them ideal for recreational purposes.

However, they are often cost-prohibitive, putting them out of reach for many consumers that could benefit from this technology.

That’s why we are always happy to see some great value-driven inverters becoming available, like the Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Generator. Please read on for more information and our thoughts on this model.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The Sinemate 1500’s air-cooled 50 cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces a maximum of 1,000 surge watts and 900 continuous (or rated) watts. Not surprisingly, this limited wattage makes it a poor candidate as an emergency power source, as there are few large critical appliances that it could power. For example, even a typical full size 800 watt refrigerator/freezer would normally require at around 1,600 or more surge watts to start up the compressor.

On the other hand, 900 rated watts goes a long way when powering things like lighting, electronics, laptops flat screen TVs, mini-fridges and similar recreational appliances that are suitable for campsites and RV use.

Runtime & Fuel Type

This model uses unleaded gasoline and can last for approximately 8 hours when running at 50% load. This is actually a very good half-load runtime for an inverter – as good as the average conventional generator in fact – which is even more surprising given the Sinemate’s tiny 2.5 (0.7-gal)  liter gas tank. This speaks volumes about this model’s unusual fuel efficiency.

Start Type

No electric start here – just a simple pull (recoil) start mechanism, which is what we’d expect from a economy oriented inverter generator. However, who needs an electric start anyway with such as small generator? We can assure you that even the most feeble-bodied users can crank up this little guy!

Panel Outlets

  • One standard NEMA 5-15 Amp AC 120V Socket
  • One 12V DC Socket (For Battery Charging)

Noise Level

The Sinemate 1500 is quiet – very quiet, producing just 54 decibels of sound. This is a sound level that falls somewhere between a whisper and normal conversation. As a result, this unit easily meets/exceeds sound level requirements at most campgrounds. If anything, you might find yourself checking this generator to make sure it’s still running.

Size & Portability

Sinemate 1500 Review4This is another huge perk. This little generator is only 17 x 9.5 x 15 inches in size and weighs in at a mere 35 pounds! Consequently, it’s lighter than many other types of camping gear and absolutely perfect for throwing on board the boat, RV or in the camping gear mix without any fuss or fear of muscle strain. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also fitted with a retractable trolley handle and large rear wheels so you can move it around like carry-on luggage.

Product Warranty

This product is covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty (applicable to both parts & labor).

Price & Value

Inverter generators are quite expensive, and most of the bigger named models (e.g., Yamaha and Honda) typically deliver only around 1 to 1.5 watts of running watts per dollar spent. The Sinemate 1500, however, currently selling for about $400, delivers closer to 2.3 running watts per dollar – providing you nearly double the bang for your buck.

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Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

At an average rating of 3.8 stars, the consensus of users is that that Sinemate 1500 brings a level of performance and quality that far exceeds its price tag. In fact, several purchasers commented that this unit compared well to much higher-priced, similarly rated inverters, such as Honda and Yamaha models. Most reviewers noted that the feel, look and layout of the unit were also high quality, and did not suggest any cost-cutting approach. However, one reviewer indicated that this model’s outward appearance was neither impressive nor disappointing.

As far as operation, most reviewers confirmed that it ran very quietly – and one said that it ran so quietly that he had to keep monitoring the unit to ensure that it was still running. Nevertheless, one isolated reviewer indicated that the model ran loudly, way over spec, although we suspect that this could have been a result of some product malfunction.

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Overall Pros/Cons

Compared to other inverters, the 1500’s pros greatly outweigh the cons:

Excellent ValueProduces Limited Power
Compact & LightweightNot CARB-approved
Very Quiet
Highly Fuel Efficient
Long Runtime for Inverter
Great for Electronics

Additional Features & Considerations

Other interesting design features that you might appreciate include:

  • variable speed throttle/idle function that automatically adjusts to electrical load
  • relatively cleaner burning engine compared to most conventional generators
  • advanced microprocessor technology that produces pure sine wave output
  • good LED indicators (e.g., overload protection and oil alert)
  • convenient Economy Mode setting for longer runtime and additional fuel conservation
  • EPA emissions approval

Please note that this model is not CARB-approved. Therefore, this model cannot be sold in California.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Sinemate 1500 Review3In a word – value. While we don’t think the Ramsond Sinemate 1500 brings quite the same level of build quality as the Yamaha EF1000iS, for example, it’s pretty darn close – and the Sinemate costs about half as much as the Yamaha watt for watt. This is very important, because most inverter generators’ primary drawback is their high price per watt of electricity produced. Because the Sinemate 1500 comes at such a great value, it makes inverter generators much more accessible to those who would benefit from them, particularly the boating and camper/RV crowd.

Moreover, while this model may not have the same name recognition as some others, Ramsond has reported sales of thousands of these units over the last five years – so it’s pretty clear that the 1500 is not some new “flash in the pan” prototype inverter generator designed to make some quick sales.

Finally, with the added benefits of this model’s quiet operation, excellent runtime, ultra-portable design and unusual fuel efficiency, we can think of no real downside here. If you are a camper or need a backup power source for small and/or sensitive appliance and electronics, the Ramsond Sinemate 1500 is an excellent, cost-effective choice.

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