WEN 56352 Review

51YBFxt0C6LThere are some extremely good, value-oriented conventional generators in the 3000-3300 running watt range, many of which are probably sufficient to provide emergency power or offsite electricity for most users.

Among the most popular of these is the WEN 5632. However, you should be aware of what it can and cannot do, and how it compares with other models in its class before making a buying decision. For an in-depth review of this generator, and our thoughts and opinions on it, please keep reading.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The WEN 56352 comes with a 6.5HP, 208 cc OHV engine that produces a total of 3,500 surge watts and 3,000 running watts. It’s also equipped with a voltage regulator that helps keep power output relatively stable.

Its 3000 running watts are good enough for supporting a few basic appliances – the things that most people usually need during an outage, like a full size fridge, sump pump and perhaps a small window/portable air conditioner or microwave and some lights. Besides emergency use, however, this power is also sufficient for powering cabins, recreational use, or providing electricity for jobsites.

If you are in doubt as to how much 3,000 running watts actually gets you – check out our Generator Sizing Calculator to get a better idea of your wattage needs.

Runtime & Fuel Type

This model is fitted with a 4-gallon gas tank; and on a full tank of regular unleaded, it will give you about 11 hours of total runtime when used at half (50%) load. This is actually a few hours more than the typical 8 hour runtime we generally see with most conventional generators.

Start Type

The WEN 56352 uses a manual recoil starting mechanism.

ScreenHunter_06 May. 10 16.16Panel Outlets

•   Two 120 Volt outlets

• One 240/120V NEMA L14-30 Outlets

Noise Level

With an operating noise level of 71 decibels, were are neither impressed nor disappointed – this is a rather typical noise rating for a conventional generator. In general, a 71 dB operational volume is tolerable for most users.

Size & Portability

Measuring 24.4 by 17.7 by 18.5 inches, this is actually a reasonably compact generator. Nevertheless, it weighs just over 100 pounds, so you will definitely appreciate – and use – the included wheel kit.

Product Warranty

The WEN 56352 comes with a 2-year limited warranty – not too bad, better than the 1-year warranty we usually see on budget-minded generators in this price range.

ScreenHunter_07 May. 10 16.17Price & Value

This is a very affordable generator that’s currently selling for about $325. At this price, you are getting more than 9 running watts per dollar. This is very good when you consider that most conventional generators average somewhere between 6-8 running watts per dollar. If you’re interested in seeing exactly how the WEN 56352 stacks up to other generators in its spec range, check out our 70+ model Ultimate Comparison Guide, which allows you to sort by running watts per dollar.

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WEN 56352 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

The WEN 56352 is easily one of the most popular affordable conventional generators out there, as evidenced by its consumer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on a total of 72 reviews on amazon.com. With an approval rating like that, we are not overstepping when we say that it is generally loved by users.  Nevertheless, it’s worth delving deeper into some of these reviews to see what people are so impressed by. The following are some excerpts from actual comments:

  • I feel like I got one heck of a deal! In fact if the price had been $200 more it would not have surprised me.
  • You cannot beat this generator power for the price anywhere.
  • Good generator one pull start power my living room light , 2 tv , frigs. , small freezer , basement light and a router.
  • Great generator and great customer service!
  • So far, so good. Good price. Starts on first pull. Not loud.
  • It powers my freezer/fridge, 2 tv’s, the microwave, the blower motor on my gas furnace, and several lights.

These are just some of the glowing reports left by users. In general, people were very impressed by the value of the WEN and its reliability in light of its price. Further, the few negative reviews that we did find were generally limited to shipping damage, rather than performance issues – and these grievances were usually rectified quickly by a responsive customer service department.

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Overall Pros/Cons

Terrific valueNot CARB-approved
Starts easily & reliablyVery average noise rating
Comes with wheel kitSeveral units arrived with shipping damage
Automatic voltage regulation
Good runtime
Fairly compact
Sets up out of the box quickly
Responsive customer service
Comes with a 240V outlet

Additional Features & Considerations

• Low-Oil Automatic Shutdown

• Voltage Indicator Lights

• Voltage Selector Switch

• 12VDC Outlet

• Hour Meter

• Wheel Kit

• 2 Year Limited Warranty

Please note that this model is not CARB-approved and cannot be sold in California.

51YBFxt0C6LConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

It’s interesting to comb through the user reviews on this generator and realize how startled people were that they realized that they actually received a well-built unit that met or exceeded their expectations. Indeed, many of these units were sold during our last hurricane season when many people were desperate; and many of these people admitted that they chose this model simply because it was the most affordable one they could find.

But the WEN 56352 has proven itself not to be just a cheap option, but rather a very well-built generator that preforms well, is reliable and easy to use. In addition, as we stated earlier, even the few negative reviews that resulted from shipping damage were generally addressed by WEN’s customer service, which says a lot about how a good a deal this generator really is.

In terms of price & value, the closest competitor to the WEN in our opinion is the very popular and also highly-rated DuroStar DS4000S, which delivers slightly more power (3,300 running watts) and is currently selling for about $300, or $25 less than the WEN. However, the DuroStar does not come with a wheel kit – and a wheel kit is arguably necessary for it, since the DS4000S weighs over 90 pounds.

Accordingly, as between the WEN and DuroStar, we would probably go with the WEN 56352 if a wheel kit is important to you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind dealing with a 90-pound generator with no wheels, then the DuroStar DS4000S is a probably a better choice in terms of maximizing pure bang for your buck.

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