WEN Power Pro 56405 Review

WEN Power Pro 56405 ReviewThere is fierce competition in the value-oriented conventional portable generator market, especially in the 3,000 – 4,000 watt range. This is great for consumers of course, who are reaping the benefit of very competitive pricing.

Yet one newer model to watch for providing some particularly impressive value in this field is the WEN Power Pro 56405 4050 Watt Portable Generator.

However, like any seemingly good “bargain,” one must wonder if there any major corners cut in terms of performance and/or quality. Please read on as we take a closer look at the Power Pro 56405 so you can determine for yourself whether it provides real or merely perceived value.

Engine Displacement & Power Output

The 212cc, 7 horsepower air-cooled engine in the 56405 generates a total of 4050 surge (staring/max) watts and 3250 running (rated/continuous) watts. This makes the Power Pro a solid choice for emergency backup or off the grid recreational/work site power.

The Power Pro 56405's 7 HP engine produces 4050/3250 starting/running watts.Specifically, with this much wattage, you should be able to run several large appliances, such as a full-sized fridge, microwave, a sump pump and a small AC unit. Likewise, tools such as power/circular saws, drills and other worksite necessities can be operated easily with the Power Pro. Of course, you can power a ton of lighting and other lower-draw appliances too.

To get a better feel of exactly how far this wattage will get you, we suggest you check out our generator sizing calculator.

As far as the nature of the electricity produced, we should note that, as with most conventional generators, the current is not ideal for sensitive electronics. For instance, things like flat screen TVs, computers, laptops and sophisticated audio/visual equipment are best served by a more stable form of current – i.e., the type produced by inverter portable generators. This is not to say that you can’t power some of this equipment with the Power Pro, but I wouldn’t count on it. Moreover, some equipment can be potentially damaged just by trying. Proceed at your own risk.

Please note: this model is not CARB-approved, and therefore is not for sale/use in California.

Runtime & Fuel Efficiency

Top view of the Power Pro 56405 showing 3-gallon gas tank.Portable generator runtimes are typically measured on a full tank and at 50% of maximum electrical load. Normally, we see runtimes for most models averaging around 8 hours or so under this scenario.

However, the Power Pro 56405 is rated to last an impressive 10 hours on a full 3-gallon tank at half load. This is very good, and will save you the chore of constant refilling at times when you may need to run the generator continuously – which is unfortunately becoming more typical during protracted weather-related grid failures.

Start Type

As with most affordable generators in this price range, the 56405 uses a manual (pull) start. Although this requires a bit of effort, the good news is that this model is reported to crank up on the first pull, typically.

Power Panel

The power panel includes 4 120V outlets, including one 30 amp outlet for more energy-hungry appliances or tools.For its price class, the Power Pro’s power panel comes well-appointed with (4) 120V AC/20 amp outlets and a single 120V/30 amp twist-lock outlet for higher-draw appliances and tools.

In addition, the panel features a circuit breaker and digital hour meter, which is great for logging the number of cumulative running hours so you can perform required maintenance according to the manufacturer-recommended schedule. Also included is an overload protection mechanism and low-oil shutoff feature to protect against “dry running” during a catastrophic loss of oil pressure.

Noise Levels

In case you don’t know, most conventional portable generators to be on the louder side. And the Power Pro 56405 is no exception, scoring a sound pressure rating of 67 decibels during typical operation. This is pretty average for most conventional generators in this class. At any rate, based on this model’s review, most users find the noise level tolerable.

Of course, if you really want a relatively quiet-running generator and have a larger budget, you should really consider an inverter-type model.

Size & Portability

The solid wheel kit included with the 56405 makes it mobile despite its significant weight.Fairly modest in terms of dimensions, the 56405 measures just 24″ long by 19.1″ wide and 18.5″ high. Nevertheless, this little generator is not something you can lift too easily, with an overall weight of roughly 115 pounds (dry).

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to lift it at all: it comes with very sturdy tubular-metal wheel kit that allows you to roll it around without too much effort.

User Reviews & Ratings

So far, the WEN Power Pro 56405 is getting great reviews for doing exactly what its supposed to, and at a price point that is hard to beat. Notably, most users confirm that this generator is easy to setup, operate, and provides reliable power. We encourage you to browse the actual reviews for this product below, courtesy of amazon.com.

Price and Value

Currently available for less than $400 shipped, you can’t deny the bang-for-your-buck factor you get with the 56405. Indeed, this is precisely what WEN seems to be going for with this and some of its other great value oriented generators, like the Model 56352 we previously reviewed.

Simply put, this is a lot of generator for the money.

Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

While it is in a very tough market, we think that the WEN Power Pro 56405 distinguishes itself by delivering good power, a very well-appointed power panel and better-than-average runtime – all at a very aggressive price. Further, based on the reviews thus far, this model (like other WEN generators we’ve reviewed) is not some flimsy unit, but rather a reliable power source that is well-made and easy to use.

Consequently, if you aren’t running a lot of sensitive electronics – and are not in California – this is a great “value option” that does in fact provide lots of value.


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