Westinghouse WH7500E Review

51JSNdvrcWL_004Many larger generators that produce over 5,000 running watts are designed to deliver the rated wattage, but often cut corners on certain other design features or overall build quality.

This is definitely not the case with the Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generatorthis model easily makes our top 5 list of the best conventional portable generators on the market today.Please read our in-depth review to learn why.

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Engine Displacement & Power Output

The Westinghouse WH7500E is the quintessential emergency power source generator for those seeking to energize several circuits in their home. This model is fitted with a 12.8 HP 420 cc XP OVH engine that is particularly heavy duty, with cast iron cylinder sleeves and forged pistons and connecting rods, which not only give the WH7500E added durability, but also make it sip oil.

Not surprisingly, this powerplant generates lots of electricity too – 9,000 surge watts and 7,500 running watts to be exact.

This kind of power really affords you a lot of flexibility for powering a variety of high-draw appliances. For example, based on our sizing calculator, we estimate that this generator could run a sump pump, small air conditioner, furnace blower fan, full-sized refrigerator/freezer and an electric water heater – all simultaneously!  And this of course does not include the many smaller items that can easily be powered by this beast, like outdoor lighting, TVs, electric cooking/food prep equipment, etc.   With this kind of output, you’d certainly want to connect this generator to a manual transfer switch.

Further, if big time power weren’t enough, this generator also produces a relatively stable, higher quality electrical output compared to most conventional generators due to its automatic voltage control feature, which mitigates the voltage flux that plagues many other models.

Runtime & Fuel Type

Another feature that makes this generator such a good emergency power option is its fantastic runtime. Although the majority of conventional generators will run for about 8-10 hours at 50% load, this model is rated to last for 12-13 hours at half load – this is outstanding, and speaks volumes as to the fuel efficiency of this unit as well, since it’s only fitted with a 6.6 gallon gas tank. Westinghouse attributes this efficiency in part to the advanced alternator used by this model, whose specially-designed laminations are supposed to produce more power with less fuel.

Regardless of how they achieved it, a 13 hour runtime means that you will spend less time going out back to refill this generator – and more time indoors relaxing, sleeping or handling other matters.

Start Type

Fortunately for those who are understandably not fond of hand-cranking large engines, this unit comes equipped with an electric start.  A manual (recoil) start is included as a backup.

Panel Outlets

Nothing too exciting here; this generator is fitted with:

  • Four 5-20R 120V outlets; and
  • One L14-30R 120/240 twist outlet.

Noise Level

With its oversized Noise Reduction Pulse Flo muffler, this unit is rated to produce just 71 decibels of sound, a score that is actually quite impressive for a conventional generator this large and powerful.

In fact, we see many 5000 watt units that are significantly noisier than the WH7500E. So, if anything, we’d consider this generator a fairly low-noise model for its engine size/wattage class.

51JSNdvrcWL_004Size & Portability

OK, so if you are shopping for an 8000-running watt generator you probably already know this model is not going to be particularly “portable.” However, this unit is actually surprisingly compact, occupying a footprint of roughly 27 inches long by 22 inches high by 20.5 inches wide. Moreover, while its not light, weighing in at 200 pounds, there are many heavier generators out there that produce as much or less power than the WH7500E.

Fortunately, however, this model comes with a very good wheel kit and collapsible wheelbarrow-type handles for easy “rolling” from one spot to the next.

Product Warranty

Yet another exceptional feature of this generator is its 3-year limited warranty, which is better than most out there.

ScreenHunter_08 May. 06 18.12Price & Value

The W7500E delivers approximately 8.1 running watts of electricity per each dollar spent to purchase it. This is definitely at the upper end of the value range, since most conventional gas generators will give you anywhere between 5.5 and 10 watts of electricity per dollar.

Thus, you can rest assure that this generator provides very good bang for your buck, in addition to overall excellent quality.

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WH7500E-mainWestinghouse WH7500E Reviews & Ratings

If you are tired of hearing great things about this generator, then you might skip this section, because this model’s user reviews are nothing short of glowing – with an average customer satisfaction average of 4.8 stars based on 35 actual user reviews.

Indeed, we expected to find – and did find – lots of comments on the WH7500E’s power output and overall quality, but what was also noteworthy is how relatively quiet users found it, especially for such a large generator. For example, here are some excerpts of actual reviews:

  • “It seems to be quieter than others that ive heard.”
  • “This generator seems quieter than others that I have heard.”
  • “I find it is uses less fuel than similar sized units, has the features you’d expect on a more expensive unit. A 3 year warranty …. and is MUCH quieter than other generators of the same size.”

In general, users expressed great satisfaction with this model’s reliability, fuel efficiency and ease of use. In fact, the few negative comments we could find (after all we are talking about a 4.8 out of 5 rating here) seemed to stem from shipping damage or isolated product defects, rather than actual product performance.

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Overall Pros/Cons


  • Lots of wattage for its price
  • Relatively quiet operation for such power
  • Great fuel efficiency
  • High running/surge wattage
  • Long 3-year warranty
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Efficient alternator
  • Durable engine
  • Unusually high consumer satisfaction


  • Not CARB-approved (for Californian’s only)
  • Heavy
  • Could use an extra 30-Amp outlet


Additional Features & Considerations51JSNdvrcWL_004

  • Low oil shutoff engine protection
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Easy to read fuel gauge
  • EPA approved for use in 49 states
  • High lever handle grips
  • Tool kit included
  • Hour meter
  • Circuit breaker protection

Please note that this model is not CARB-approved. Unfortunately, therefore, this model cannot be sold in the state of California.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

The Westinghouse WH7500E is one of our favorite conventional generators on the market today.

In fact, we can not readily think of another 7,500 running watt model that has so much going for it and is selling for less than $1,000.

As a result, there are really no negatives to speak of, that are not inherently associated with any high-output conventional generator. If you want something lighter weight, you will need to get a smaller conventional generator. However, if you do, you will lose the flexibility of powering many large appliances simultaneously, for which the WH7500E is particular well-suited.

Furthermore, because of its unusual value, it may be wise to purchase this generator over a smaller one, even if you think you might not need this much power! As we often say, it never hurts to have extra wattage on hand, especially in emergency situations.

51DqubVQygLSimply put, we believe this is one of the top 5 best pound for pound conventional generators being sold today.

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